A funny thing happens when you stop thinking about yourself and start helping others. As they say, do good to others and good will be done to you. Such is the case with adult contemporary pop/soul artist Yoli Tamu, who after a long break from her true love – music – found a way back to her true self in an unlikely way, paving the way for her long-awaited debut album, “Back To Me.”

Though raised on music with a mom who is an accomplished pianist and gospel director and with a professional head start at age 14 when she led the church choir, Yoli’s life took a sharp left turn when a troubled first record deal with Warner Bros. Records in 2001 left her debut album, “Breathing Under Water,” unreleased and a soon-to-follow chaotic marriage left her without a song in her heart. With a defeated musical soul, she turned to teaching and through that selfless work formed a nonprofit organization to inspire and empower students called the Unity Theatre Foundation. It was through booking a guest speaker for that foundation that her life turned around again. Read more…



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